On Sale in 2011: Air-Powered Car from Zero Pollution Motors

I enjoy science fiction, but I must admit that I’ve never read any of the works by Jules Verne. I know. It’s terrible, but I have never really taken to reading. I think it’s because books don’t come alive to me, as they did for Bastian Balthazar Bux (the kid from The Never Ending Story movie. Or was that a book? Sheesh!). Anyways, I always wished that reading would appeal to me, but I have not been hooked…yet. [Note: I’m hoping one day I will be a reader of many books. Sometimes I think reading is an acquired taste, while other times I just figure that it’s a lot like taste buds – they change over time. One day you love a certain food and hate another type. Five years later and there you are loving the food(s) you once hated. But I digress. Big time.]

Back to Jules Verne. Here are a couple of quotes from Jules Verne:

The Mysterious Island (1874): “Water decomposed into its primitive elements (Hydrogen and Oxygen), and decomposed doubtless by electricity, which will then have become a powerful and manageable force. Yes, my friends, I believe that water will one day be employed as a fuel.”

Paris in the Twentieth Century (1863): “Our modern cities, with streets a hundred meters wide and buildings three hundred high, and which are always maintained at the same temperature, and with the sky furrowed by thousands of aero-cars and aero-buses!”

Jules Verne predicted a lot of stuff. Water used as a fuel. Water-powered vehicles. Aero-cars. Aero-buses. In Paris in the Twentieth Century, Verne even predicts the internet (in telegraph form), televisions, the electric chair, calculators and high-speed trains which run on compressed air. Sounds like a bunch of 20th century hogwash, right? I jest. Many of his predictions have become a reality, and now it seems that Zero Pollution Motors has realized the vision of using compressed air as a fuel for automobiles. Here are some of the designs of the first air cars, cars powered by gas and air:

Air Car Designs from Zero Pollution Motors
Air Car Designs from Zero Pollution Motors

I know. I know. It’s more weird car designs. There must be some scientific law that states: “All cars with new fuel technologies must look really weird.” Regardless, ZPM is hoping to sell these cars in the United States as early as 2011, and the price tag will be $18,000-$20,000. That’s pretty good for a car that gets about 100 mpg and runs on compressed air and a small conventional engine. I dunno. I think it’s pretty cool. You can read more about it here if you want.

How the Air Car Works
How the Air Car Works

I like the idea of all of these energy efficient cars, but I’m still waiting for a perfected version of Mr. Fusion. Just imagine if Doc Brown hired the ShamWow guy to sell Mr. Fusion. I’d own four of them like five months ago!

Doc Brown Pours Beer into Mr. Fusion in Back to the Future
Doc Brown Pours Beer into Mr. Fusion in Back to the Future

I mean, I can run on beer. Why can’t a car? Just kidding. I don’t run. And I don’t drink beer. But I still think the notion of using trash as fuel is terrific!

Bonus: Just because you may want to know who invented the compressed air technology for cars – it was a dude named Guy Negre. Here he is, standing between two air cars from ZPM:

Guy Negre and 2 Air Cars from ZPM
Guy Negre and 2 Air Cars from ZPM

They don’t call this thing an Air Pod for no reason. It looks like an escape pod from a submarine. If only submarines had such awesome escape pods.

MDI Air Pod (Air Powered Car)
MDI Air Pod (Air Powered Car)


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  2. Hey this is real interesting but where can we buy these cars I can’t find them anywhere for sale !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  3. Hi,
    I like your creation. Would you consider dealerships in Austin, Tx?
    Best Regards

  4. Hi!
    I am writing from eastern EU. My only problem is the price of these cars.$20.000 is a lot of money for most of us living on the 9 to 5 side.For this you can buy a cheap petrol car and 8000 liters of premium petrol.With this you can drive for 120.000 kms.For me who has a car and goes to work with public transport,this amount of fuel could last for 20 years.I usually put 500 kms into my car per month.The question pops into mind,why do I even have a car? Short trips and big shoppings.It’s a lot more comfortable to do the shopping with a car.If there was a $2000 electric or air car,than I would change to green power.I would be the ideal customer for cheap alternative fuel powered vehicles.Not too much money to spare, short distance driving, public transport usage to work.Maybe the government should encourage me to buy these cars with incentives such as tax free living…

  5. Adam, you can get them for as low as 15000$ and think about the earth. I will buy it because it has 0% pollution. “They” are not destroying the planet. “We” are. “They” will not change this. “We” will 🙂

  6. I am interested in one of the green cars. I live in the Southeast Texas area. Please let me know if there is a dealer ANYWHERE in the United States of America! Thanks!

  7. I would line up to buy this car but I would think the oil, auto company’s and governments, which are in bed with each other, would put a stop to it. This car would take Billions out of their pockets.

  8. The Zeropollutionmotors.us website isn’t working. It says it’s “Suspended.” What a conspiracy. We finally have some movement and then we find out things like this. Does anyone know how the website became suspended? (Although, I have some theories) How can we get it back and running?

    With gas prices projected to spike up to $6/gallon this summer, I was really getting interested on the possibility of purchasing one =)

  9. No offense but I could sell ANYTHING that sounds environmentally friendly to Green people. This thing is a scam. Take a basic science course and learn something about the efficiency of compressed air in running a car. Hint: The air doesn’t magically compress itself.

  10. Dear Person
    It seems that your solution is great for people living in large and crowded cities..

    I have two question:
    1. How much would it cost to deliver it in Sao Paulo, Brasil.
    2. Would you sell it only with the chassy and all mechanical parts ? The reason for this strange question is that I use a standup wheel chair and it will be necessary to enter the veichile with this it. This would only be possible rebuilding al the top part and installing a ramp.

    I thank you for your extra time in the answer of this letter.

    Best regards


  11. have you thought to put a generator in the car that could run on compresed air so you would eliminate the need to plug it in creating a perfect car with no emiitons and no waste of electricity

  12. have you thought to put a generator in the car that could run on compresed air so you would eliminate the need to plug it in creating a perfect car with no emiitons and no waste of electricity.

  13. Maybe this is what u need, Adam…
    India’s largest automaker, Tata Motors, is set to start producing the world’s first commercial air-powered vehicle.

    The Air Car, developed by ex-Formula One engineer Guy N’gre for Luxembourg-based MDI, uses compressed air, as opposed to the gas-and-oxygen explosions of internal-combustion models, to push its engine’s pistons. Some 6000 zero-emissions Air Cars are scheduled to hit Indian streets by August 2011.

    The Air Car, called the “MiniCAT” could cost around Rs.. 3,47,523/- ($8,177.00) in India and would have a range of around 300 km between refuels.

    The cost of a refill would be about Rs. 85($2..00)

    The MiniCAT which is a simple, light urban car, with a tubular chassis that is glued,
    not welded, and a body of fiberglass powered by compressed air. Microcontrollers are used in every device in the car, so one tiny radio transmitter sends instructions to the lights,indicators,etc.

    There are no keys – just an access card which can be read by the car from your pocket. According to the designers, it costs less than Rs 50 per 100 Km (about a tenth that of a petrol car). Its mileage is about double that of the most advanced electric car (200 to 300 km or 10 hours of driving), a factor which makes a perfect
    choice in cities where 80% of motorists drive at less than 60 Km. The car has a top
    speed of 105 Kmph.

    Refilling the car will, once the market develops, take place at adapted petrol stations to administer compressed air. In two or three minutes, and at a cost of approximately 100 rupees, the car will be ready to go another 200-300 kilometers.

    Can’t wait for this!! The only worrying factor will be the powerful lobby bent on destroying the production of this to safeguard their own interests!


  15. Where can I buy one and how much if need be I will test drive it for advertising. I think it rocks

  16. To all those people asking where they can buy one, go to MDI.LU. MDI, the inventor of the aircar will accept prepayment of Euro 500 as a reservation fee for Airpod vehicle. Several hundred people have done so.

    You can also invest in MDI or buy distributorships.

    You should be aware, however, that MDI has announced almost every year since 2000 that mass production will start “next year” and has not yet sold a single vehicle.

    As usual, MDI now says that the Airpod will go into production in 2012 (i.e. “next year”).

  17. i can garantee it….. Big oil got his dirty paws on ZPM, which is the main reason their website has been suspended i bet.

  18. MDI says:

    November 17 2011
    AirPod – The Latest Version
    “All quiet on the Seafront !” Absence of news from MDI and inactivity on our website may have been observed by many, but we have been vigorously active behind the scenes and we are still here, making the big splash by launching our Latest Model.

    We are pleased to announce that the latest version of the AirPod has just been launched. This version is packed with innovative devices not encountered in conventional vehicles. The cutting-edge technologies deployed are simply beyond the bounds of normal cars of similar value.

    Despite the unprecedented and unwarranted attacks (…more about this in our next newsletter.) aimed at the Company, the hard working MDI team of engineers, in their relentless pursuit of excellence, has produced yet another pollution-free, innovative and affordable vehicle.

  19. Where in the U.S. are these cars now being sold? I do not see U.S. dealerships now selling these. If I buy a new car, I want to buy an air power car or a car that runs on H20 or a free energy magnetic motor that charges my electric car for free. Gladly we will buy a car such as these when they are made available to the general public. It is easy enough to read about these cars. There are no U.S. dealerships to my knowledge that are selling these cars. Must I make one myself?

  20. Wow this is REALLY AWSOME I mean I REALLY want this car. My sister is going off to college and is getting the same price for the SAME kind of car but the point that I’m so awkwardly trying to say is where can I get one of these I’m guessing 90% of the people that are asking questions are problay asking about where we can purchase one of these helpful instead of harmful automobile and guess what I’m one of those 90% so do us ALL a favor and tell us where to purchase one of these 🙂 pleaseeee (with cherries on top) lol

  21. i need more info. i like to buy one i need a magazine my ad. 11285 sw 53 ter. miami fl 33165 thanks.

  22. The only one thing that I would like to add is that to please make the announcement to the world of these pollution free vehicles. If emissions is the number one cause for global warming and “I know that it is”, make these technologies available to everyone to make the choice to GO GREEN. I say “SCREW THE OIL COMPANY’S”. We as a people need to take a stand and fight for our survival and our planet. Money isn’t everything, and I know this for a fact. Thank you for listening and reading my words.

  23. The air car from mdi will never happen in the USA. I first read about this car in 2004. Talked with them via email and phone lots of times. Even went to their factory in Luxembourg to see and drive the cars. Had a business plan, investors and location ready to build a factory in KC. Until a guy in NY by the name of Vencat convinced Guy that his plan to bring the air cars to the USA was better. It has been 8 years and still no air cars. I don’t believe it will ever happen at least not in the USA.

  24. Lol…Yeah, you’ll never see this car on the roads because it’s a scam. I could tell people my car runs on potato power and I get 2000 mpg with it. The problem is that I would have to PROVE IT.

  25. I have actually seen one of these in the United States. They had arranged to bring the parts here and then assemble it. The one I saw does not, however, meet our safety feature standards. I too am hoping that…. one of these days it will be available for purchase.

  26. The oil KIGNs have been protecting their Golden Goose since the early 1900’s, regardless of any harm that may arise from their actions. Mother nature will hold us (humans) accountable for our actions and will respond as she see fit.
    None polluting energy sources are needed for a new modern world with long life expectancy.
    Bring on the Permanet Magnets Power Technology, The HO2 power Technology, the Air Power Technology.

  27. After the Compressed Air is used in the Engine why is it not stored or fed back into the Tanks? How about four small Compressors? One per Wheel.
    If the Vehicle has a 110/115 Volt or what ever Air Compressor why can’t a Power Inverter be used while Driving to keep the Tanks full or, an Automotive AC Compressor run off the Engine? I’ve see these used on Service Trucks to Run Air Powered Tools and on Off Road Vehicles to Air Up once off the trail.
    Better yet have Both or all.

  28. The key to achieving an acceptable range with an air car is reducing the power required to drive the car, so far as is practical. This pushes the design towards minimizing weight.

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