Houston’s Gallery Furniture is Burning

If you have not heard, a fire broke out in the Gallery Furniture warehouse in Houston, TX tonight around 8:45pm. The showroom and warehouse are located on I-45 between Tidwell and Parker. Traffic on I-45 was backed up for a good ways, and flames could be seen from several miles away. My prayers go out to Jim McIngvale (aka Mattress Mack) and the Gallery Furniture family. Mattress Mack is an icon of goodwill in Houston, and if we know him well enough, he’ll still honor his promise to get furniture the day you buy it. Maybe not tonight. But probably by Monday. He’ll be back on track in no time.

Here’s a shot of the fire at the Gallery Furniture warehouse. That is a 100,000 sq ft warehouse:

Houston, TX: Gallery Furniture on Fire
Houston, TX: Gallery Furniture on Fire

Bro hymn for a longtime landmark of Houston, TX. They are down but not out. According to Mattress Mack, their store on Post Oak and Westheimer will be open tomorrow at 9:00am. Business as usual for that store. However, the main showroom off of I-45 – that may not be open tomorrow. But like I said, give Jim some time. He’ll be back up and running in no time at all.

Gallery Furniture has been in Houston at the same address since 1981, and it’s funny how I still remember the Gallery Furniture commercials on 20Vision. Here’s a video for old time’s sake:

Even Chuck Norris enjoyed the recliners at Gallery Furniture: