British Scientists Create Human Sperm Using Stem Cells, All Men Now Redundant

In an ironic turn of events that will eliminate the need for human males, British scientists claim that they have created human sperm using embryonic stem cells. This move makes all men redundant – even the male scientists who helped with the project! Forward-thinking Fail? Owned by the female researchers on the team? I dunno, but those dudes definitely had a fast one pulled on them. Imagine your boss asks you to create a computerized robot that does your job. And imagine that you do it. Do you know what happens next? You get a raise, right? Nope. Of course you never saw it coming, but you get the old “Smell ya later!” from your boss. So let’s all give a big hand to these British scientists. Nice work.

But seriously, according to an article at

A team of British scientists claimed Wednesday to have created human sperm using embryonic stem cells, in a medical first that they say will lead to a better understanding of fertility.

The team of researchers, led by Professor Karim Nayernia, believe their work with in-vitro derived (IVD) sperm will ultimately help find a treatment for infertility in men. That’s pretty cool, right? Their angle is that they will be gaining a better idea of what causes infertility in men and why it happens. There are so many couples out there right now who cannot have kids because of infertility. This breakthrough will hopefully make infertility in men an issue no longer.

Well that post wrapped up nicely.

But wait a minute! Imagine if infertility was no longer an issue. By how much would the human population expand? And how quickly? Sometimes our little blue planet feels a little crowded as it is. Imagine if everyone could have kids. I wonder what that would do to the overall human population on Earth.

I once read a brief summary of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. The part that interested me most was the part about reproduction. sums it up nicely:

Organisms produce more offspring than the environment can support. All living things produce more individuals than can survive to maturity. Think of the thousands of acorns that one mature oak tree produces every year. A female salmon produces about 28,000,000 eggs when spawning. One oyster can produce 114,000,000 eggs in a single spawning. Darwin calculated that in elephants, which are among the slowest breeding land mammals, if all of the potential young of a single female survived and reproduced at the same rate, after 750 years the descendants of this single mother could number 19,000,000! Clearly, if all of these seeds, eggs, and young survived to become adults who also reproduced, the world would soon be overrun with oak trees, salmon, oysters, and elephants.

Is infertility a built-in form of population control across every life form on Earth? To put it another way, did God make it that way for a reason? What if every living organism could reproduce? Would 2 elephants turn into 19 million elephants within 750 years? What about humans? The whole Darwin/Evolution/God issue brings up strong political and religious emotions, so I’ll move on. I’m sure I have offended everyone with this post. But whether it’s offensive or not, it is still an interesting topic to ponder.