President Obama at Notre Dame Commencement 2009

After seeing that video and reading a couple of news articles (here, here) about President Obama visiting Notre Dame, I am not at all surprised. For the better part of President Bush’s second term in office, there were numerous speeches where hardcore liberals confronted President Bush, often trying to sabotage his press conferences and public addresses. Several movies were made to criticize President Bush. I guess now it’s time for the hardcore conservatives to interrupt President Obama when he is speaking at public events. I think it totally sucks, but welcome to America. I guess.

This, however, really upsets my soul:

Notre Dame 2009 Commencement Protester
Notre Dame 2009 Commencement Protester

WTF is this guy thinking? I don’t have a political party preference, but no matter how much my opinions may vary from those of our current President, you will never catch me constructing a couple of posters that declare our President to be wicked. Oh, and as if that was not enough, he wishes AIDS & HELL on gay people. Nice. It reminds me of that time in the Bible when Jesus comes down and makes posters and then camps outside his friends’ homes. Oh wait. That didn’t happen. He befriended them, no matter their opinions or sexual preference.

What’s wrong with people these days? If you step back and look at all the issues that divide us our country into red state and blue state, you might notice that very few of the issues actually have any impact on our daily lives. For example,  there are millions of people losing their jobs right now. This guy could be helping, but he’s making posters. There are millions of homeless people in America who do not have a place to sleep or a next meal. You know how this guy is helping? He’s making posters. There are disabled vets returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, and their health care is running out. What’s this guy doing? He’s making posters. Ideologically, our country is splitting in half. President Obama and the priests at Notre Dame are trying to unite people. What’s this guy doing? He’s making posters that continue to drive people apart.

Roughly 40 people got arrested while protesting Obama’s commencement address at Notre Dame today. It’s their choice. It’s free speech. But I sincerely hope people in America begin to find more ways to come together and unite with one another. Because this whole 50/50 red state blue state thing is not making anything any better.

And that’s probably one of the only times you’ll see me write about politics.