Video: Running of the Bulls Death in Pamplona, Spain (July 2009)

Caution: The video contains graphic images.

Daniel Jimeno Romero, 27, of Alcala de Henares (near Madrid) was gored in today’s Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain. According to eye-witness accounts, Mr. Jimeno Romero was moving backwards, facing an oncoming bull named Cappuccino. This rogue bull had been separated from the herd. Daniel Jimeno Romero then tripped over some other runners, and he falls to the ground. While trying to retreat feet-first under the wooden fence, the bull gored him in the neck. The puncture extended to his lung, and the bleeding was immediately profuse.

It’s the first death at the event since 1995, when 22-year-old American Matthew Tassio was gored to death during the running of the bulls. Also, in 2003 Fermin Etxeberri, a 63-year-old Spaniard, was trampled by a bull during the running of the bulls. He was actually trampled in the head, and then he died later that year after spending months in a coma.

Since they began keeping records in 1924, there have been 15 deaths at the Running of the Bulls during the san Fermin Festival in Pamplona, Spain.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Daniel Jimeno Romero, his friends and family.


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Runner Survives Being Gored by Bull in Pamplona's Running of the Bulls 2009
Runner Survives Being Gored by Bull in Pamplona's Running of the Bulls 2009
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  1. I pray for the Bull.

    Oh wait, the Bull won.

    Brutal morons lost.

    Never mind.

    Save your prayers for the righteous.

  2. i don’t feel sorry for the people at all. the bulls are going to be killed for entertainment later so i’m glad that they finally got their turn to retaliate. i wish more of those people would have died.

  3. Sorry you two, but you’re both ignorant morons. Fair enough the bull fights which happen later and separately to the run are brutal and inhumane. This is why many runners refuse to watch the bull fights and just go and enjoy the festivities around town. In fact, during the run, if you lay a finger on the bulls you will be set upon by angry locals. “I wish more of those people would have died “……come on…. listen to yourself!

  4. LOL look at you (Fat Albert,christina) as your names imply I’m pretty sure u are fatasses go run with the Bulls burn those carbs xD

    You are no different WOW wanting to wish people death??? getting joy of seeing people die You r BARBARIC. I REPEAT YOU ARE BARBARIC. I dont blame you cause I believe EVERYONE is barbaric just some are very good at hidding it……

    Release your frustation it’s not healthy to hold all that in honey now PHYSICALLY do something about it…….
    Like say go out there and save all those poor bull from getting hurt and then open your Adopt a Bull Foundation LOL

  5. I am with Chubby Albert and Christina.

    Lets handicap the runners, stick some skewers in their legs.

    Those “runners” who refuse to watch the bull fights but still enjoy the festivities are no better than the matador in the arena. By attending the festival you are supporting the cruelty of animals.

    Bull fighting is a cruel and barbaric sport that has no place in modern society. Humans are supposed to be intelligent beings. But this kind of activity just goes to prove we have not moved on since Neanderthal man. If more gorings took place then maybe the activity would be banned…. or maybe it would just lead organisers to cripple the bulls a bit before setting them loose…. you know to give the “runners” a chance.

    Call me barbaric but yes, i applaud any goring of anyone who is involved in the so called sport. I see no reason why i should elevate my importance above a bull’s.

  6. I’m also with Overweight Albert and Christina.

    Multiculturalism-destroys-nations, seriously, stop. You’re embarrassing yourself.

    I may be a barbaric person, who want’s to see these sick people dead. But I’m also a proud one.
    I would enjoy seeing them totally gored by these bulls. Suit yourself.

  7. A person who places more worth on the life of an animal than that of a human being, regardless of the actions of the human being in question, must re-evaluate his or her way of thinking.

  8. people are more important than bulls. bulls didnt create healthcare, literacy or atom bombs.
    its not so nice to torture them, but wishing death on a person before wishing it on a bull makes you a species traitor and inhuman.

  9. There is nothing noble or brave about torturing another living creature. This is cruel butchery – ghastly and horrific – a degradation of man and beast. But the poor beast has no choice in this matter – these humans need to get a civilised sport – go sailing or play football you neanderthals.

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